3 fun and alternative ways to do Meditation

When I typically think of meditating, I picture an image of someone sitting in the lotus position, posture upright, on a cushion or on a floor. Watching thoughts come and go, focusing on the breath.

And there is nothing wrong with this, other than that it could feel extremely uncomfortable to be sitting in that position for an extended period of time! But what if you want a change of scenery? Or would like to discover other fun ways of meditating?

Below are 3 ways that you can adjust your meditation practice

Smile meditation: This is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety and instantly make you feel calmer.

Sit on a comfortable chair or lie in bed. Close your eyes, and smile. Start to bring up positive, happy images in your mind, as if you were looking at some family holiday photos. If you’re lying in bed at night, imagine that you have an open sky overhead, filled with bright stars. If you meditate before getting out of bed, stay there for a short while, eyes closed, and imagine the sun pouring gentle warm golden sunlight on your entire being. Keep your eyes relaxed and your jaw muscles loose. Don’t worry about how long your meditation should be. Just think of happy things, and smile.

Walking meditation: Visit a place you find beautiful and relaxing –ideally, a green leafy garden or somewhere close to water. Walk at a gentle pace. Keep your eyes open, and start to visualise your head, neck, limbs and all of your body loosen up. Picture the tensions of the day melting away with each step. Walk for at least 20 minutes, and don’t worry if you find all sorts of thoughts crossing your mind.  Let them come and go, just like the fellow walkers around you. You will feel wonderfully happy at the end of your walk—and of course, you get the added bonus of having done some exercise too!

Music meditation. Music has that wonderful tendency of putting you in in a relaxed state, if chosen properly. The optimum tempo for music whilst meditating is between 40 and 60 beats per minute. This helps induce an alpha state, the same relaxed state created by meditation.  Gentle, harmonious music both soothes and steadies the heart. As a result, stress starts to slink away. So, put on your favourite CD or MP3 track. Tune in, chill out, and relax!

Have you tried any of the above and if so, how did you feel afterwards? Are there any other ways you like to meditate?

I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment below